Success Stories & Reviews

Success Stories - Patient Reviews

“My experience was much better than I had anticipated. I was dreading getting my wisdom teeth pulled but the entire experience was comforting- from the staff to the follow ups- I never felt alone in my recovery. The doctor was very responsive to my concerns and literally responded to my texts in the middle of the night. What Doctor do you know who would do that? My wisdom tooth experience was not a horror story and I boast about it to my friends all the time!” -Khadeejah C.

“This was the best experience that I have had at any medical facility. I was thoroughly impressed by the systems, administration, staff and knowledge. The staff was welcoming, caring and thorough. I felt confident in the staff throughout the entirety of my wisdom teeth removal. It was an incredibly exceptional time and service.” -A.A.

“I had positive experience at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center. There was no waiting for long periods of time. Overall, they treat their patients professionally and with respect.” -C.

“I had a WONDERFUL experience! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by everyone in the office. The consultation and subsequent (minor) surgery was very informative and done with thoughtfulness. I wasn’t prepared to pay for the surgery but was provided a number of options to help me pay for the surgery (which I am extremely grateful for). I even had to postpone my follow-up appointment (right before the holidays) and I saw able to reschedule my appointment before leaving town with such ease. I will most certainly refer my friends/colleagues” -E.D.

“I am 21 years old and had to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, as they were all impacted. During my first appointment they took X-Rays and gave me all the instructions and prescriptions to prepare for the procedure, which they scheduled for a week later. Everyone was very friendly, and as nervous as I was they made me feel very comfortable and made the process relatively easy. The procedure took my only about an hour and a half, I went home and slept for about 2 hours, and after that I felt fine. My jaws were a bit sore, but the pain never even got bad enough for me to need the pain medication.” – A.A.

“The procedure was quick and painless. Although my insurance is not in network, I decided to give it a go. The staff was professional and the facility was very clean and welcoming. After the first visit to Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, I had another issue that need attention and because of the professional services that I received on my first visit. I decided to go again in 2015 but this time it was a bone graft which turned out to be another great experience. I will most definitely recommend friends and family and if there’s anything else oral needed to be done, I will be there.” -C.T.

“Every step has been satisfactory because of the professionalism and human touch of all involved– surgery, follow-up, and healing have all been excellent” – Carl C.

“This experience is that of a James Bond movie. You are led into the most modern surrounding with the best gadgets that you will not imagine. Everyone is beautiful, diverse and efficient. There is no escaping this great experience once you find this place.” -George B.

“Great experience. I had neglected dental care leading to painful dental emergency. The office arranged to see the same day. I was worried about a painful experience at the dentist, but it was not. Next day, I have not felt this good in a long time!” -Mandy M.