Dental Implants DC

 Missing teeth are traditionally “fixed” with dentures or dental bridges, but they are not as sturdy as natural teeth. They can also get detached, which puts them at risk of accidentally falling on dirty surfaces. Many dentists now recommend dental implants for DC residents instead to answer their missing tooth woes.

Dental implants from DC dentists involve surgically placing a small, titanium screw in your jaw. It will serve as an artificial root for your replacement tooth or bridge. The dental implants for DC residents are designed to look and feel like natural teeth so that you can smile confidently again.

Signs That You Need Dental Implants in DC

When missing teeth are becoming a major concern for you, it may be time that you go to a dentist that can install dental implants in DC. They may suggest dental implants in DC for you for the following reasons:

You Can Get Dental Implants in DC If You Have Ill-Fitting Dentures

Teeth adjust over time, and this requires you to always have your dentures replaced. This can be quite a hassle if you are a busy person and have no time to make regular trips to your dentist. This is not a problem if you have dental implants from DC.

Dental implants from DC are designed to function almost entirely like natural teeth. Because they are screwed in place, they seldom need replacements or adjustments. Dental implants from DC also let you brush and floss like normal, unlike dentures.

Opt for Dental Implants From DC If You Have Bone Loss in Your Jaw

Bone loss in your jaw area can give you a sunken look, which can hit your self-confidence hard. Dental implants from DC, however, can help address bone loss. When the bone tissue and implant bond, the bone grows normally again as if there is a natural tooth in place. Dental implants from DC can help you improve your looks and boost your self-esteem this way.

You Are Eligible for Dental Implants in DC If You’ve Had a Tooth Extraction

A dental extraction is the only way to ease the pain and other health issues caused by severely infected teeth. The space they leave, however, can cause supraeruption, which is when the matching teeth grow into the empty area. Dental implants from DC can prevent over-eruption and save you from other problems it can cause, such as headaches and tooth breakage.

A Dentist Can Recommend Dental Implants From DC If You Have Difficulty Eating

When your tooth is extracted, the root surfaces that have many nerve endings become exposed. This can make you more sensitive to hot or cold food. Dental implants from DC cover up this space and help you eat more comfortably. You can also bite through or chew food like normal when you opt for dental implants from DC as opposed to bridges or dentures.

Dental Implants From DC Help Preserve Your Oral Health

Gaps in your teeth are caused by their movement to the empty space left behind by your missing tooth. Food and plaque stuck between them can be difficult to remove, leading to cavities, gum disease, and gum and bone deterioration. Dental implants from DC can prevent this from happening.

When you opt for dental implants in DC, they can fill in the gap left by your extracted tooth so your teeth do not shift and create spaces. Because dental implants from DC are designed to feel and function like normal teeth, they will move along with the rest of your pearly whites comfortably.

Safe Installation of Dental Implants for DC Residents

Dental implants for DC residents should only be done by certified professionals. For dental implants from DC, look no further than Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center. Our maxillofacial surgery team ensures that all dental implants for DC residents will be installed safely and successfully. Contact us today to learn more.

Meet a Newer Version of Yourself

There are many ways to improve your looks. You can focus on achieving a radiant smile or having flawless skin. However, it would take a lot of time and money. But did you know that you can do both without spending too much time and money? 

If you want to make that possible, reach out to us at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center. With our help, you can have glowing skin and a gleaming smile in no time. We believe that a compassionate and gentle approach to treating our patients goes a long way.

Our Amazing Staff

Once you enter the premises of Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, you’ll feel our warm and welcoming environment that’ll surely make you want to come back. But it’s not just the ambiance; it’s also our staff that makes patients feel comfortable.

  • The Late Dr. Virginia E. Lee, DMD

Dr. Lee is the founder of Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center. She was known for treating patients with compassion and warmth. 

Dr. Lee earned her biology degree from Franklin and Marshall College and her DMD from Temple University. She did her oral and maxillofacial surgery training at the University of Maryland Medical Systems and R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Lee already passed on. However, another excellent doctor took her place.

  • Dr. Farzaneh Rostami, DDS

Dr. Rostami joined the team in 2017. She earned her double degree in biology and chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the same institution with flying colors. After that, she did post-graduate training at the Medical College of Virginia.

With Dr. Rostani’s specialty combination, she’s definitely qualified to continue Dr. Lee’s legacy. Just like Dr. Lee, she also wants convenience for both the patient and the doctor.

Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center is committed to providing patients with personalized attention and genuine compassion. From our surgical assistants to our administrative personnel, you’ll surely feel that you’re in good hands.

Oral Procedures

We offer a lot of dental procedures that’ll help you achieve that beautiful smile.

  • Dental Implants

These are root replacements that are made of titanium. They prevent the jawbone from deteriorating and keep the facial structure.

  • Impacted Canines

The procedure involves lifting the gum up in order to expose the hidden tooth. This is needed by people with impacted third molar. 

  • Wisdom Teeth 

The misalignment of wisdom teeth can cause pain. When this happens, you may have to undergo a procedure that requires the removal of the affected teeth.

  • Bone Grafting

This procedure is done when a tooth becomes atrophied or reabsorbed. To fix this, a transplanted bone from any part of the body is used to replace the missing tooth. 

  • Facial Trauma

This includes the treatment of facial and oral lacerations, knocked-out teeth, and fractured facial bones and jaw.

  • Oral Pathology

Changes in the color of the mouth, face, and neck call for this procedure. This helps determine if you have a serious disease like oral cancer.

Cosmetic Procedures

Other than dental surgeries, we also offer a lot of cosmetic enhancement procedures. 

  • Scar Revision

This is an innovative scientific procedure that uses laser technology to treat scars, sun-damaged skin, and facial wrinkles.

  • Microdermabrasion

It’s a minimally invasive procedure that helps renew skin tone and texture.

  • Thermage

This is a non-invasive procedure that helps stimulate collagen growth on the skin.

  • Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes sagging skin, eye bags, and excess folds around the eyes.

  • BOTOX Cosmetic

This procedure helps remove or minimize facial lines such as crow’s feet and laugh lines.

  • Restylane

Like BOTOX Cosmetic, Restylane helps correct facial wrinkles. It’s also proven to deliver long-lasting results.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Newer Version?

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