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Woman in Pain From an Infected Wisdom Tooth

5 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Every year, five million people across the U.S. have at least one wisdom tooth removed. The reason we need to have these teeth removed is that the human jawbone structure has actually changed more quickly than Mother Nature was able to accommodate so, millions of people lack sufficient room for the last molar in their […]

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Dr. Lee Saved My Daughter’s Life

“It was a Friday night. I had been at the emergency room with my 15-year-old daughter since 6:00 AM. I brought her in because of facial swelling following pain caused by a canker sore. On Thursday, I’d taken her to a doctor but was told there was nothing that could be done and was sent […]

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Oral Surgery Patient Review

What Patients at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center Are Saying

Actual Patient Review “This was the best experience that I have had at any medical facility. I was thoroughly impressed by the systems, administration, staff and knowledge. The staff was welcoming, caring and thorough. I felt confident in the staff and Dr. Lee throughout the entirety of my wisdom teeth removal. It was an incredibly […]

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Total Smile Transformation: The Miracle of Full Mouth Reconstructions

Dentistry has come a long way. Just a hundred years ago, a person with missing, damaged or badly-shaped teeth had no choice but to just live with it. Dentists were able to do relatively little about such problems. However, today this is no longer the case. Dental treatments now are so smooth and powerful that […]

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