We’ll Give You Brand-New Teeth in Just One Day

Teeth-in-a-Day Procedure
I know that when my patients are missing teeth, it distresses them because they can’t eat the foods they want, they feel they have to conceal their smiles and they simply feel less attractive. Patients missing teeth will also suffer bone loss as there are no teeth present to stimulate healthy bone growth. That can affect remaining teeth and even one’s facial shape. Through the years, I’ve helped many patients find the best method of replacing their teeth so they can return to a normal, enjoyable lifestyle.

Introducing “Teeth-in-a-Day”

Now, when patients ask me about replacing a few or even all of their teeth, I tell them I can provide them with replacement teeth in just one day. The procedure is called Teeth-in-a-Day and it includes the use of dental implants. Thousands of hours of development have gone into this improved procedure so I can send patients home with bright new teeth after just one office visit.

How Teeth-in-a-Day Are Created

The first steps of this procedure involve detailed imaging of a patient’s mouth and jaws so we can create a precise plan for a guarantee of success. When this detailed plan is ready, we can start treatment. Any teeth that need to be removed will first be extracted. Titanium dental implants will be placed in the exact right places to support the replacement teeth.

When these titanium posts have been placed, the gums will be carefully closed up and a mold will be made of the new shape of the patient’s mouth. Immediate replacement teeth will be created from the mold in our in-house lab. These replacement teeth will be attached to the titanium posts and the patient will be sent home with a new smile.

General Anesthesia is Available

Some patients may choose general anesthesia for this procedure. Fortunately, I have trained extensively on anesthesia procedures so I can provide this service for the comfort of my patients. We have the training, experience and sophisticated imaging and design equipment needed to make your new Teeth-in-a Day a complete success.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are looking for a solution for missing teeth, come see me for a complimentary Teeth-in-a-Day consultation. Just call the office to schedule your appointment at 202-296-6600.

I look forward to restoring the function and beauty of your teeth.


Dr. Farzaneh Rostami

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