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Actual Patient Review – Dental Implant Surgery

At Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Dr. Rostami and her staff very much value when a patient takes the time to write a review or testimonial about their personal experience in our Washington DC office.

Patient Review - dental implant surgery

“Faced with the prospect of several dental implants, I was fortunate enough to select Capitol Oral & Facial Surgery Center. I did so knowing nothing, but felt I needed a convenient location (I really was on my own on this one!). To my everlasting delight I made a great choice – I could not have been more pleased.Throughout the process I was always fully informed, I felt the multiple surgeries for bone grafting were done expertly and gently, the implants were placed with miraculous precision, I was always treated with kindness and consideration by the top-notch staff, and ever-confident that my smile would be successfully restored. Would I want to go through the process again? Well, if I had to I’d certainly pick the doctors at Capital Oral & Facial. In the meantime I can offer my whole-hearted and complete recommendation – and offer it with a dazzling smile. I am grinning with gratitude to Dr. Rostami and her superb team.” – P.B.


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