Acne Scars? Discover Laser Resurfacing

acne scar revision laser
Every year, as many as 50 million Americans suffer from acne, making it the most common skin problem in the country. The breakouts themselves are bad enough, but when acne causes scarring, the aftereffects of acne can last for one’s whole life. Studies on the effects of these scars show that they can cause embarrassment, self-consciousness and lack of self-confidence. Some people struggle with anxiety, depression and a lowered sense of self-worth.

It’s unfortunate, but some affected individuals restrict their social interactions and efforts to gain worthwhile employment. To help relieve these negative influences, Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center offers treatments with one of the newest lasers on the market to reduce acne scarring.

What is Laser Resurfacing?

Most people know that a laser produces a beam of light that is capable of being precisely controlled. When used in skin resurfacing, a laser can be set to the exact level of power needed to penetrate the exact depth into the skin needed for optimal results.

The action of this powerful, controlled burst of light is to vaporize the top layers of cells. The advantage of our laser over older ones is that this newer laser delivers such a fast burst of energy, there is no time for heat to build up in the cells, reducing the chance of any scarring resulting from treatment.

This specific pattern of energy delivery encourages the growth of collagen in healing cells. Collagen is the material in your cells which gives them resilience and youthfulness. Encouraging the growth of collagen in acne-scarred areas is what helps reduce their appearance.

The Results of Laser Resurfacing

For most people, only one treatment is needed. At first, the skin will be red and the areas treated will peel. The redness will soon fade to pink as new, healthy skin forms. The new skin will be smoother, less wrinkled and less discolored than the old skin.

It will take several weeks for the pinkness to fully fade and the final results will develop over the next several months. In the hands of an expert like Dr. Virginia Lee, one can expect acne scars to be much less visible, with less discoloration and pitting. For some individuals and skin types, more than one treatment may be required to get the result that’s wanted.

Advantages Over Other Forms of Resurfacing

The precisely controlled energy in a laser causes much less trauma to the skin than chemical peels or microdermabrasion. There is a shorter recovery time and most people experience less discomfort. In short, it is a far more advanced and sophisticated method of improving the texture of your skin. In many cases, laser resurfacing will be less costly as well.

Dr. Lee is Highly Qualified to Offer this Precision Treatment

Obtaining the best results with laser skin resurfacing involves far more than simply having the machine and knowing how to turn it on. A careful consultation before treatment ever starts ensures that a patient’s expectations are in line with the result that can be achieved. The correct procedure also involves preparing the patient and his or her skin for treatment and using the exact medication to ensure comfort during and after treatment.

As a facial and oral surgeon for more than twenty years, Dr. Virginia Lee has the knowledge and training to deliver laser skin resurfacing in the very best conditions for the result you want. If you have been thinking about improving the appearance of acne scars, contact Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve a new look that gives you more confidence and enjoyment of life. Call 202-350-2268 today to schedule a consultation.



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