Facial Injury? Why You Should See an Oral Surgeon

Facial Injury Washington DC

The delicate structures of the face are unfortunately extremely vulnerable to injury. The two most common causes of injury to faces are motor vehicle accidents and assaults. Following that, accidents during sports or in the workplace can also cause serious facial injuries. When an individual receives an injury to their face, they are concerned not only about pain and functionality — they also want to know that their appearance can be restored. This is part of the reassurance we are able to offer so many of our patients.

We know that recovery from a facial injury goes much further than just closing wounds. There is a complex system of blood and nerve supply that must be preserved so that a smile, a look of surprise or even annoyance , is perfectly expressed. Knowing your expressions will communicate your feelings again allows you to have hope of normalcy once healing is complete.

As we address facial injuries, we are careful to preserve the normal flow of air through the nose and mouth, the integrity of the bone supporting the eyes and the structure of the sinuses. With Dr. Lee’s skill, many injuries that could be disfiguring if not properly treated can be brought to a result very much like the person’s original appearance. The more experienced the facial surgeon, the better all these factors can be taken into account in the recovery plan.

Fractures and Soft Tissue

Some injuries involve the surface of the face — the soft tissue — and others go deeper, involving fractured bones, damaged nerves and blood vessels. Teeth may be knocked out of their sockets. Motor vehicle accidents, in particular, are unforgiving and may cause multiple fractures and displacements of facial bones. Even these deeper injuries respond to an expert plan of recovery.

All injuries to bones must be stabilized as quickly as possible and delicate soft tissues must be repaired with careful attention to those nerves and blood supply.

Dr. Lee’s Extensive Experience

From the early days of her medical training, Dr. Virginia Lee has been focused on repairing injuries to the teeth, mouth and face. In her experience at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Maryland, she treated serious trauma that required instant care to save a person’s life. That experience serves her well when patients come to her with concerns about facial injuries. Her many years of training and experience enable her to know exactly how to put a patient at ease and then plan the approach to treating the patient’s injury and restore both his or her appearance and function.

Whether the consultation with Dr. Lee takes place in her Washington, D.C. office or it’s an emergency service performed in a trauma center, Dr. Lee’s calm competence helps reassure not only the patient but family members.

Whatever your need for treatment of a facial injury, whether it is lost teeth, serious cuts to the face or mouth, or bone fractures to the face or jawbone, contact Capital Facial & Oral Surgery Center. By calling 202-350-2268, you can enlist Dr. Lee’s help for facial injuries on either a consultation or emergency basis.

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