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At Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, we very much value when a patient takes the time to write a review or testimonial about their personal experience in our Washington DC office.

Actual Patient Review

“I recommend Dr. Lee and her staff with 5 stars.”

Woman Patient of Dr. Lee in Washington DC“As a new patient referred to Dr. Lee’s office, they had me hooked from the beginning. Twenty-three years old and never having been under anesthesia, you could say that nervous was an understatement about my wisdom teeth extractions. Dr. Lee’s staff created a blanket of safety and confidence when they explained the procedure process and recovery in detail, even how dental insurance would come into effect.

During my first consultation, the staff was comforting, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Lee kindly explained how the procedure would go. Her staff even called my mother to re-explain the process and pass the blanket of comfort on to her, 900 miles away.

During my morning surgery, Dr. Lee and her staff took excellent care of me. Dr. Lee personally called me that evening, after hours, to make sure that all was on track to healing. The surgery was one week ago and I am healing well. So far, Dr. Lee has had me come into her office twice for quick checkups to monitor the healing process.

Each time, I left her office instilled with confidence in Dr. Lee’s practice and gratitude to my general dentist for the referral. I recommend Dr. Lee and her staff with five stars as they do a wonderful job.”

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