What Patients at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center Are Saying

At Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, we very much value when our patients take the time to write a review about their personal experience in our Washington DC office.

Actual Patient Review

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Patient in Washington DC“It felt very comfortable going into surgery to have my 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed-this was because since I first walked in the door, Dr. Lee’s staff is so kind and attentive and Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable with a lot of experience.

Dr. Lee was recommended by my dentist, and I’m very happy to have selected her for my care. Even though I developed a dry socket, I’m very happy with my care. Dr. Lee was extremely responsive when after hours, and she saw me as much as I needed and wanted. She was very helpful in treating my pain and making me feel comfortable. Today I feel great and am so relieved to not have to deal or worry about my wisdom teeth. Dr. Lee did a great job and I’d confidently recommend her to all.

P.S. Service was always personalized and Vince the office manager is great!”

 ~ M.H., Washington, D.C.


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