Oral Surgeons Give Help and Hope to Accident Victims

Oral Surgery After AccidentLate one rainy New Year’s Eve, a couple is driving down wet roads to get home to their children. Snug in their car as they splash through deep puddles, they think about their children sleeping at home with their grandmother in attendance. It seems a night like many others. But all that is about to change.

They round one of the last curves in the road as they approach their home. Suddenly, a car traveling in the other direction crosses the center line at high speed. In a flash, everything is tangled metal, broken glass and pain. The driver is slumped over the steering wheel. The passenger’s seat belt has failed and she was thrown through the windshield.

The emergency medical technicians who respond flinch when they look at her face. Her face looks cut and broken and it’s obvious that some of her teeth have been knocked fully or partially out. Right now, the focus is on saving her life. Restoring her beauty will have to come a little later.

Calling in the Oral Surgeon

In the hospital, the doctors know to immediately call in an oral and facial surgeon for this patient. When the surgeon arrives in the hospital, she finds the patient not only in pain but also in despair of ever recovering her looks – or even looking “normal” again. Will people stare at her for the rest of her life? Will she be afraid to leave home? How bad will the scars be?

The oral and facial surgeon has seen many cases like this and after an examination, she is able to reassure the patient. The cuts to the patient’s face and mouth and even those inside her mouth will be relatively easy to repair. Scarring will be minimal and after some time to heal fully, may not even be noticed. It’s very likely that the tooth damage can be repaired as well.

No time is wasted, because replanting teeth must be done quickly to be successful. After surgery to delicately suture the cuts – while ensuring that all the nerves and salivary ducts below the surface are intact – the teeth are replanted and stabilized by wiring them to adjacent teeth. The prognosis is excellent because of the training and extensive experience of the surgeon.

Years of Experience in Leading Trauma Center

This experience is not unusual for Dr. Virginia Lee of the Oral & Facial Surgery Center. She has spent many years training to help just this kind of patient. Her time at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland has particularly prepared her for serious injuries. Her level of care and skill enables her to reassure even those who are severely injured that she will be able to help them.

Dr. Lee has helped countless patients with serious injuries, in many cases assisting them to make full recoveries they never thought possible.

Restoring Function and Self-Confidence

When a person foresees being able to resume a normal life before long, his stress is lower and he can focus on healing, not on worrying. When the minor scars from perfectly-done facial surgery fade, an individual can begin to put a serious accident behind them. This is when an expert oral and facial surgeon like Dr. Lee can make such a big difference in a person’s life.

At Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, our goal is to provide the highest level of care possible and enable our patients to get back to living their lives. That’s why we’re here. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if there’s ever anything we can do to help.

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