Mouth Infections Can Be Related to Dentures



Denture wearers frequently develop painful mouth infections and oral sores. This phenomenon is typically related to conditions known as stomatitis or cheilitis, but its common title is denture sore mouth. Although these conditions can sometimes appear for no apparent reason, they often relate to denture hygiene habits. Fortunately, denture wearers can take precautions to avoid this potentially painful condition. In some cases, however, the most effective resolution involves finding an alternative to traditional dentures.

Denture-Induced Stomatitis and Cheilitis

Denture-induced or denture-related stomatitis and cheilitis are both tied to oral candidiasis, an infection of the mouth caused by an overgrowth of yeast. Cheilitis, sometimes called cheilosis, causes inflammation and painful cracking at the corners of the mouth. Stomatitis also causes cracking and pain at the mouth’s corners, but may also include red bumps in the upper portion of the oral cavity. As the condition worsens, white patches may develop in the mouth and throat, and you may experience pain when inserting or removing your dentures. In some cases, however, stomatitis may have no identifiable symptoms, leaving patients unaware that they have a problem.

Tips to Avoid Denture-Related Infections

Your dental practitioner may prescribe antifungal or antimicrobial medication to treat these conditions, and may also recommend using an antifungal solution to rinse your dentures. It is generally easier to prevent these problems than it is to treat them. Dentists advise that improving your denture hygiene is the most effective way to prevent denture-related mouth infections. It is important to never sleep in your dentures. Maintain your recommended schedule of cleaning and disinfecting your dentures and always store them in an antiseptic solution specifically recommended for dental appliances. In addition, dentists suggest thoroughly cleaning the inside of your mouth prior to inserting dentures.

Denture Alternatives

Although most patients receive a positive prognosis for overcoming oral infections, some continue to experience chronic problems. Patients with compromised immune systems are also susceptible to ongoing problems. Denture alternatives such as fixed bridges or permanent implants will reduce or eliminate the risk for this type of mouth infection. In addition, implants help minimize bone loss and preserve facial structure. They are also more comfortable and easy to care for. In fact, implants act, feel and look just like your natural teeth.

If your dentures are causing you discomfort, mouth sores or infection, contact Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center today for an x-ray and consultation. Although not all patients are good candidates for implants, Dr. Virginia E Lee and the professional staff at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center can evaluate your case and determine if your mouth infection problems can be resolved with alternative treatment.

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