Healthy Halloween Alternatives

ID-100210067Can you believe tomorrow is already October!?! Which means Halloween is just around the corner! Children love to gorge on sticky candies and sugary treats during this holiday month, but they need to be careful! Help kids offset this over consumption of unhealthy snacks by including some healthy festive options that will make any lunch, snack, or Halloween party spookier. Some easy ideas are:

  • Popcorn witch’s hand: fill a non-latex glove with popcorn and add something, such as almonds, to the fingers, to resemble nails.
  • Clementine pumpkins: peel Clementine oranges and stick a piece of celery in the top to resemble the pumpkin stem.
  • Healthy banana ghosts: peel a banana then cut it in half. On the pointed end, stick 2 carob chips for eyes and one for a mouth.
  • Veggie skeleton, Frankenstein or pumpkin: arrange your veggie tray in a way so it looks like a skeleton, Frankenstein or a pumpkin.
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Want more ideas? Here’s a Pinterest board of recipes and more:

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