Extraction Out of the Way… Now…What To Eat???





Now that you’ve had your teeth extracted you’re probably hungry!  With no food or drink at least 8 hours before your surgery, the notion of a “soft diet” sounds like a far cry from the appetite you’ve probably worked up. It is important to plan your meals in advance, as to not become bored with your options too quickly.

The goal is to consume foods that will aide in healing. We all know that a soft diet is required post-operatively, and since you’ll surely want to get this recovery thing wrapped up as soon as possible and get back to your life, make the best of your options.  Proper healing requires nourishment and you’ll want to have a variety of foods on hand to ensure that you’ll be able to eat well throughout the healing process.

We’ve compiled a list of “Extraction Friendly” foods that taste great and will have you back to normal in no time!



Meal Replacement/ Supplemental Shakes


Meal replacement shakes, fortified with a balanced mix of vital nutrients, can offer nutritional support after wisdom teeth removal when eating is difficult.











Soups or stews can make a reasonably comfortable meal after wisdom teeth removal, just be sure that they aren’t too hot to avoid increasing your pain level, and avoid ones with chewy ingredients, such as large chunks of meat. (Try a Gazpacho in hot summer months)






Berry Smoothie

Smoothies are very soothing as well – just remember NOT to use a straw – and can be made in dozens of flavors. If they’re made with fresh fruit, they can offer quite a few nutrients good for healing. Be sure to puree fruit to a fine consistency.







Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled eggs are very good source of protein and fairly easy to eat with a sore jaw.









Pasta, cooked a little softer than you usually would, can combined with any number of sauces or ingredients to add a little variety to your soft food stage.  DO NOT add spicy ingredients or tomato sauces that might cause stinging or irritation in your injured gums.





Ice Cream



Ice cream can be soothing to a sore mouth, and really, it’s just a given in such situations. Pain means ice cream – ask anyone who has had their tonsils out. Avoid flavors containing nuts or chunks                                                                            that could get lodged in those sore, empty sockets.

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